Just Babble

Just Babble. A place we're I feel safe to put my thoughts and experiences, that I would like to post almost every week. Some of what I write might make sense, some of it might not to most people. But this blog will just be me babbling. So it doesn't have to make sense. I'm only typing my thoughts unfiltered and unedited. That's how I see life, not so perfect and messy. These writings will be a little all over the place because I am no writer. I was terrible at English in high school, that I barley passed with a C. I would always repeat or babble on in essays because I couldn't come up with anything else to say about the topic I had to write on. So if you made it this far trying to understand what the hell I'm talking about, kudos to you. Because I'll tell you right now; you don't have to be understood. If it makes sense to you that's all that matters, you don't have to make others understand. And that is the point of this blog. I will put my confidence out there and use it to my advantage to speak my mind. Whether you understand it or not. So, keep babbling a long and keep doing you.


Bentley Jean 

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